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  第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共85分)



  ( )1.A.He has a new friend at school.

  B.His family went to the Great Wall.

  C.She is short but very beautiful.

  ( )2.A.My mother gets up at six every day.

  B.I visited my grandmother yesterday.

  C.The weather is very hot and rainy.

  ( )3.A.Can we wear hats in school?

  B.Do you like to play volleyball?

  C.Is she shopping at the mall?

  ( )4.A.Her job is exciting but very difficult.

  B.The bank is next to the supermarket.

  C.The girl has short straight black hair.

  ( )5.A.What are the rules in your house?

  B.What is your sister’s e-mail address?

  C.Why did you arrive late for class?



  ( )11.A.At 7:00. B.At 6:30. C.At 6:00.

  ( )12.A.By bus. B.By subway. C.By train.

  ( )13.A.About 30 minutes.

  B.About 40 minutes.

  C.About 50 minutes.

  ( )14.A.Chinese. B.English. C.Science.

  ( )15.A.Because it’s easy.

  B.Because it’s relaxing.

  C.Because Mr. Li is fun.


  ( )16.A.It was sunny.

  B.It was cold.

  C.It was rainy.

  ( )17.A.At home.

  B.At his friend’s house.

  C.In a restaurant.

  ( )18.A.He went swimming.

  B.He played beach volleyball.

  C.He played basketball.

  ( )19.A.His parents.

  B.His teacher.

  C.His friend.

  ( )20.A.He watched TV.

  B.He visited his grandmother.

  C.He did homework.


  ( )21.There will be heavy rain and strong wind next

  _______ .

  A.week B.wait C.west D.weak

  ( )22.I used to be afraid of the________ . But now I am not.

  A.bark C.dark D.lake

  ( )23.Do they have five _________ balls?


  ( )24.He _______ an article about history.

  A.wrote B.write C.ride D.rode

  ( )25.Can you ________ the pop singer, Jay?

  A.member B.number C.remind D.remember


  ( )26.—I’m thirsty. May I have something to drink?

  —OK. Here’s some ________.

  A.rice B.meat C.bread D.water

  ( )27.—Look! What’s that?

  —It’s ________ID card lying on the ground.

  A.a C.the D./

  ( )28.—Do you know everyone in the meeting?

  —No, but I know some of ________.

  A.they B.their C.them D.their

  ( )29.—Why do you like to be with David?

  —Because he is a_______ man, he often makes us laugh.

  A.polite B.funny

  C.friendly D.hard-working

  ( )30.—_________ does your brother look like?

  —He is tall with straight and black hair.

  A.Who B.How C.Which D.What

  ( )31.—When were you born?

  —I was born ________ May 10th.

  A.on D.of

  ( )32.—Look! The traffic lights turn________ .

  —We should stop. B.yellow

  ( )33.—________ there any living things on other planets?

  —I have no idea. Maybe we can know more about that in the future.

  A.Is B.Are C.Has D.Have

  ( )34.—Why do you like animals so much?

  — ________they’re our friends.

  A.And B.So C.Because D.But

  ( )35.Batman and Spiderman are ________ of the most famous American cartoons.

  A.two B.second C.three D.the third

  ( )36.(2015•济南育英中学二模)Water is the cheapest drink and it is also ________.

  A.healthier B.healthiest

  C.the healthier D.the healthiest

  ( )37.—Tom, dinner is ready.

  —I don’t want to eat _______, mom. I’m not feeling well.

  A.something B.anything C.everything D.nothing

  ( )38.—Hello! Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight?

  —I’m sorry I can’t. My mother won’t ________ me to go out in the evening.

  A.allow B.let C.offer D.ask

  ( )39.—Look at that girl under the tree. Is it Ann?

  —It______ be Ann. She is reading in the library now.

  A.can B.can’t C.must D.mustn’t

  ( )40.Which of the following is a polite thing to do in public places?

  ( )41.—What do you think of the story?


  A.It’s interesting B.I don’t think so

  C.I agree with you D.It is a story

  ( )42.The sports trousers are nice. I’ll _________.

  A.look at it B.take them it D.sell them

  ( )43.—Can you speak English or Chinese?


  A.Yes, I can B.Sorry

  C.No, I can’t D.I can speak Chinese

  ( )44.—Would you like ________ milk before you go to bed?

  —Yes, please.

  A.any B.some C.little D.few

  ( )45.I have trouble dealing with the problems, but I will never ________.

  A.make up B.give up C.wake up D.cheer up

  ( )46.My grandma is a little deaf. I usually speak to her very ________ so that she can hear me.

  A.quickly B.loudly C.hardly D.politely

  ( )47.—Let’s play soccer after school.

  —That ________ good.

  A.looks B.spells C.likes D.sounds

  ( )48.Doctor Mike was ______ busy _______ he couldn’t have a rest last week.; that B.enough; to C.too; to; as

  ( )49.(2015•济南槐荫区二模)We’ll go to climb the mountains if it________ rain tomorrow.

  A.doesn’t B.won’t C.didn’t D.isn’t

  ( )50.—Bruce donated many books and a lot of money to charity.

  — __________kind kid!

  A.What B.What a C.What an D.How

  ( )51.__________, Nick. It’s time to get up, or you’ll be late for school.

  A.Go back B.Come in C.Wake up D.Turn up

  ( )52.—Where are my CDs?


  A.No, it isn’t B.Yes, they are

  C.They are in the schoolbag D.It’s on the chair

  ( )53.On Sunday morning I helped my mother ______ the cooking. doing C.does D.doing

  ( )54.—What were you doing when we were playing basketball yesterday afternoon?

  —I _________ the classroom.

  A.was cleaning B.have cleaned

  C.will clean D.clean

  ( )55.—Excuse me, could you tell me_________ ?

  —Sure, sir. You can try

  A.where can I join in the group-buying

  B.where did I join in the group-buying

  C.where I can join in the group-buying

  D.where I joined in the group-buying


  Once a king was walking around a pool with his ministers(大臣). Suddenly he came up with an idea. He asked, “How many buckets(桶) would you need to hold all the 56 in the pool?” The ministers couldn’t give an answer. The king was angry, “You 57 answer my question in three days!”

  Three days passed, but 58 of the ministers had the answer. Just then, a child said that he knew it. The king told the ministers to 59 the child to the pool. To his surprise, the child 60 and said with a smile, “It’s very 61. We don’t need to go to the pool.” This made the king pleased. “All right. Let us know your 62.” The child said, “If you know the 63 of the bucket, the answer is known. 64 it is as big as the pool, there is one bucket of water; half as big, two buckets...”

  “Stop! That’s it. You have the answer. They were thinking of the things 65 the wrong way.”

  Sometimes to get out of a difficulty, one must change his or her way of thinking.

  ( )56.A.water D.grass

  ( )57.A.can B.may C.will D.must

  ( ) B.none C.all D.every

  ( )59.A.make B.stop D.take

  ( )60.A.thought B.left C.disagreed D.agreed

  ( )61.A.hard B.easy C.impossible D.possible

  ( )62.A.answer B.plan C.question D.key

  ( )63.A.color B.shape C.size D.problem

  ( )64.A.But B.If C.When D.Because

  ( ) B.on


  A: Hello! May I speak to Mary?

  B: Speaking.

  A: This is Lin Tao. 66

  B: I am watching a soap opera at home.

  A: 67

  B: In fact, I don’t mind it.

  A: I don’t like soap operas. So, do you want to go to a movie?

  B: 68 I went to the beach last weekend. It made me feel tired.

  A: How was your weekend?

  B: 69 The beaches were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the people there were friendly.

  A: Really?I want to go there. But my parents don’t.

  B: 70 Just do what you like to.

  A: OK, I will. Bye.

  B: Byebye.

  ( )66.A.Where are you?

  B.Are you watching TV?

  C.Are you at home?

  D.What are you doing now?

  ( )67.A.Do you like them?

  B.What do you think of?

  C.What do you think of them?

  D.What do you like it?

  ( )68.A.Yes, I do.

  B.Sorry, I’m afraid not.

  C.Yes, I’d like to.

  D.No, I don’t want to.

  ( )69.A.Fantastic.

  B.It’s tiring.

  C.It was terrible.

  D.Just soso.

  ( )70.A.Don’t mind what do they think.

  B.Don’t mind where your parents are.

  C.Don’t mind what they think.

  D.Don’t mind how do they like.




  A doctor entered the hospital in a hurry. He changed his clothes and went directly to the surgery room(外科手术室).

  He found the boy’s father walking in the hall waiting for the doctor. On seeing him, the dad shouted, “Why did you take all this time to come? Don’t you know that my son’s life is in danger?”

  The doctor smiled and said, “I am sorry, I wasn’t in the hospital and I came as fast as I could after receiving the call. And now, I wish you’d calm down.”

  “Calm down?! What if your son was in this room right now, would you calm down?” said the father angrily.The doctor smiled again and replied, “We will do our best to save your son.”

  After some hours the doctor went out happily. “Thank goodness! Your son is saved!” And without waiting for the father’s reply he went on his way running. “If you have any questions, please ask the nurse!”

  “Why is he impolite? Why didn’t he wait some minutes so that I could ask about my son’s illness.” said the father when seeing the nurse minutes after the doctor left.

  The nurse answered, “His son died yesterday in a road accident. He was at the burial when we called him for your son’s surgery. And he left running to finish his son’s burial.”

  ( )71.Who was impolite in fact?

  A.The doctor. B.The boy’s father.

  C.The nurse. D.The doctor’s son.

  ( )72.By saying “I wish you’d calm down”, the doctor expected the father to ________. relaxed B.go out worried D.sit down

  ( )73.What happened to the doctor’s son?

  A.He was in need of a doctor.

  B.He was saved by his father.

  C.He was dead in a road accident.

  D.He was lying in the hospital.

  ( )74.Where was the doctor when the hospital called him?

  A.He was at home.

  B.He was in his office.

  C.He was at his son’s burial.

  D.He was in the hall of the hospital.

  ( )75.Which is NOT true about the doctor?

  A.He was responsible.

  B.He could keep his cool.

  C.He was hardworking.

  D.He had no kindness to the patient.



  Recently, a network video called the most beautiful blind man in Jinan picking up rubbish is popular on the Internet. The blind man in the network video is Bi Yukui. He picked up the rubbish on the street and threw it into the dustbin with his wife’s help and walked away slowly. Many people were moved by his behavior(行为).

  Why is the network video so popular? That is because even a blind man who happened to find the rubbish can pick it up. His behavior really made a lot of people feel ashamed. In real life, we see some people throw rubbish everywhere. Some people don’t like walking a bit farther to put the rubbish into the dustbin. They just throw it on the road. They think it’s not a big deal.

  Is this really the case? They harmed the environment. At the same time, they made the street cleaners’ work more difficult. Does it have nothing to do with them? No. If everyone throws rubbish like them, the city will be full of rubbish. How dirty it will be! Although picking up rubbish is a small thing in life, we can know a nation’s civilization(文明) from it. But some people think things like picking up the rubbish are not worth doing. In fact, this is not right. Protecting the environment begins with small things. We can’t throw rubbish here and there. We can’t spit or smoke in public places, either.

  So we should learn from the blind man. It’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment.

  ( )76.In a network video, Bi Yukui is called the most beautiful blind man in Jinan because________ .

  A.his job is picking up rubbish

  B.he tried to improve the environment

  C.he is a very handsome blind man

  D.he helped his wife do chores every day

  ( )77.The underlined word “ashamed” most probably means in Chinese.

  A.惭愧的 B.悲痛的

  C.恐惧的 D.哀伤的

  ( )78.According to the passage, some people throw rubbish on the road because .

  A.all the dustbins are full of rubbish

  B.they are too lazy to walk to the dustbin

  C.they don’t like to walk on clean roads

  D.there are not enough dustbins in cities

  ( )79.According to the passage, which of the following is true?

  A.Throwing rubbish on the road is not a big deal.

  B.Only big things can help protect the environment.

  C.Things like picking up rubbish are not worth doing.

  D.We are not supposed to spit or smoke in public places.

  ( )80.What is this passage mainly about?

  A.Bi Yukui and his wife are blind people living in Jinan.

  B.In order to become famous, Bi Yukui made a network video.

  C.Everybody should play a part in protecting the environment.

  D.People like Bi Yukui make the street cleaners’ work difficult.


  Now some women are spending a weekend at Mother’s Camp(营地). There, husbands and children are not allowed. Why would a woman want to take a vacation without her family?Some women say they need time to be alone.

  At Mother’s Camp a woman has room for herself. She can sleep, read or watch TV, and no one will bother her. No children will ask, “Mom, what’s for dinner?” No husband will say, “Oh, dear, I can’t find any clean socks.” In fact almost 50% of women in the United States work outside the home. Many of them work full-time and then come home for a second job—taking care of their homes and families. These working women say one of their biggest problems is housework.

  In the United States, working wives do about 75% of the housework. Many of their husbands say they want to help. But then they burn the rice or they can’t find the pans. They ask so many questions that their wives decide it is easier to do the job themselves.

  Some women go to Mother’s Camp just to get a break from housework. For two days they don’t cook, they don’t clean and they don’t look after their children and husbands. What do they do?They enjoy warm, sunny weather, walking, swimming or boating in a clear blue lake and sing songs around the campfire. They relax away from home. They have a really wonderful vacation at Mother’s Camp.

  ( )81.From this passage we can see ______ in the United States.

  A.women want to work outside the home

  B.working wives do most of the housework

  C.husbands do as much housework as their wives

  D.women do not like to stay at home with their families

  ( )82.At Mother’s Camp, women can’t_______ . TV newspapers

  C.swim in the lake D.bring their husbands and children

  ( )83.Why would some mothers like to be alone?Because .

  A.they don’t like their husbands and children

  B.they have to work full-time

  C.they are too busy to relax themselves

  D.they want a new life

  ( )84.________ is one of the biggest troubles for working wives in the United States.


  B.Working outside the home

  C.When to take a vacation

  D.Looking after their children

  ( )85.What’s the best title of this passage?

  A.Busy working mothers

  B.How to buy gifts for mothers

  C.Mothers relax away from home

  D.Mothers in the US

  第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 共35分)



  A group of children grow vegetables and take care of (86)________, but they are not playing “Farmville” online. Students (87)________ Gateway International School have started farming a (88)________ piece of land in the school. The students in the school are from different countries, (89)________ as the Philippines.

  “They give part of the harvest to us and we cook it for them. We are (90) ________to ask the parents to buy the vegetables planted by the children. This will also teach them the importance of money.” Said the head teacher of the school.


  Mr. Smith (91)________ in a police station for 42 years and he will retire this autumn. He tried to work hard in his life but he wasn’t lucky enough (92)________ even a thief.

  Last weekend, Mr. Smith (93)________ to buy some sugar in a shop. When he got into the shop, he suddenly saw a young man get some money from a woman’s bag and walk away. He ran to the thief and at the end of a blind alley(死胡同), the young thief (94)________ by Mr. Smith.

  “Please give me a chance, sir,” said the thief. “I’ll never do that again!”

  “But who can give me a chance?” said Mr. Smith. “I (95)________ next month and this is the first time I’ve caught a thief!”


  96.He went to school by bus yesterday.(改为一般疑问句)

  ________he ________ to school by bus yesterday?

  97.My English teacher is of medium height.(就句子画线部分提问)

  What ________ your English teacher look ________?

  98.“Do you ride your bike to school?” My cousin asked me.(改写句子,句意不变)

  My cousin asked ________I ________ my bike to school.

  99.Xiang Tianyou can work out a math problem faster than a computer does.(改写句子,句意不变)

  Xiang Tianyou is ________ clever ________ he can work out a math problem faster than a computer does.

  100.Our teachers explained the importance of the Physical Exam(体育考试) at the beginning of this term.(改写句子,句意不变)

  The importance of the Physical Exam ________ ________ at the beginning of this term by our teachers.



  My father ________ ________ go to work by car, but now he takes the bus.


  ________ ________ to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, we had a day off on September 3rd.

  103.Mr. Green是一位优秀的老师,他总是尽力激发出学生最好的一面。

  Mr. Green is an excellent teacher. He always tries his best to ________ ________the best in his pupils.


  Selfie caps have appeared in the market, and smart phones can be ________ ________ our hands when we take photos ourselves.


  Tom thinks he has ________ ________ rules at home.



  Liu Wei is very famous in China because he can play the piano with his toes(脚趾).One day when Liu Wei was only 10 years old, he played a game with some friends. He lost both his arms because of electricity(电). Liu Wei was very sad when both his arms were cut off after the accident. But soon he had to make a choice. “For people like me, there were only two choices. One was to give up all the dreams which would cause a quick death. The other was to work hard without arms to live an excellent life.” says Liu Wei.

  Liu’s dream was to be a pianist. His excellent life included a show on China’s Got Talent(中国达人秀) and a wonderful performance playing the beautiful Marriage D’amour with his two feet on the piano. Liu Wei learned to play the piano with his feet. And teaching himself to play the piano with his feet was very hard. Many times he wanted to give it up, but his parents went on encouraging him and he wanted to make his parents proud.

  Maybe you can not believe that Liu Wei is able to play well only with his toes. The audience(观众) were deeply moved and very excited when they watched his performance.


  Why is Liu Wei very famous in China?





  When both his arms were cut off, was Liu Wei very sad or not?





  What is the main idea of the passage?










  1.His family went to the Great Wall.

  2.The weather is very hot and rainy.

  3.Can we wear hats in school?

  4.The bank is next to the supermarket.

  5.Why did you arrive late for class?


  6.—Good morning, Miss Li.

  —Good morning, Peter.

  7.—Excuse me, Tony. Is this your ruler?

  —No, it isn’t. It’s his ruler.

  8.—Where is the baseball? Is it in the backpack?

  —Look! It’s under the table.

  9.—Why do you like science?

  —Because I have a good science teacher, and I think it’s very interesting.

  10.—I want to join the swimming club.

  —Can you swim?


  M: Hello, Alice. May I ask you some questions?

  W: Sure.

  M: What time do you usually get up on school days?

  W: At about six o’clock. And I eat breakfast at half past six.

  M: How do you usually get to school?

  W: I usually take the school bus. Sometimes I take the subway.

  M: How long does it take you to get to school?

  W: About forty minutes.

  M: What’s your favorite subject at school?

  W: Chinese.

  M: Why do you like it?

  W: Our Chinese teacher, Mr.Li, is great fun.


  11.What time does Alice get up on school days?

  12.How does she usually get to school?

  13.How long does it take her to get to school?

  14.What’s her favorite subject at school?

  15.Why does she like it?


  Jack had a great weekend. On Saturday he went to the beach with his parents. The weather was sunny in the morning, and the beach was fantastic. They had great fun swimming in the water all morning. At 12 o’clock they had lunch in a small restaurant near the beach. The food was delicious, but a little bit expensive. In the afternoon it was cloudy and cool. They played beach volleyball. On Sunday morning Jack went to the movies with his friend Tony. The movies were interesting, and they had a good time. In the afternoon he visited his grandmother. She was very happy to see him. Jack did homework and watched TV in the evening.


  16.How was the weather on Saturday morning?

  17.Where did Jack have lunch?

  18.What did Jack do on Saturday afternoon?

  19.Who went to the movies with Jack?

  20.What did Jack do on Sunday afternoon?

  Ⅰ.1~5 BCABC 6~10 ACACA

  11~15 CABAC 16~20 ACBCB

  Ⅱ.21~25 ACDAD

  Ⅲ.26~30 DBCBD 31~35 ACBCA

  36~40 DBABA 41~45 ABDBB

  46~50 BDAAB 51~55 CCAAC

  Ⅳ.56~60 ADBDC 61~65 BACBD

  Ⅴ.66~70 DCBAC

  Ⅵ.71~75 BACCD 76~80 BABDC

  81~85 BDCAC

  Ⅶ.86.animals 88.small

  89.such 90.planning 91.has worked catch 93.went 94.was stopped

  95.will retire

  Ⅷ.96.Did; go 97.does; like 98.if; rode; that 100.was explained

  Ⅸ.101.used to 102.In order 103.bring out

  104.separated from 105.too many

  Ⅹ.106.Because he can play the piano with his toes.


  108.He was very sad.

  109.They were deeply moved and very excited.

  110.It’s about Liu Wei’s life and his inspiring experience./Liu Wei lost his arms but he can play the piano with his toes and becomes successful.

  Ⅺ. Last month, one of my classmates, Sally was sad. Her father got ill and stayed in hospital. She had to look after him. So she missed a lot of lessons. In the English exam she failed.

  During those days she was worried about her father and study. When we learned about that, we decided to help her. Some classmates helped her with her study.

  Soon Sally caught up with her classmates in her study and her mother became better and better. Sometimes she joined us in the game. Smile appeared on her face again.

  From Sally’s story, I can see how important friendship is. Friends are those whom we can share happiness and sadness. No one can live happily without friends.






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