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  1.mean doing sth. 意味着; mean to do sth. 打算或企图做某事;

  mean sb. to do sth. 打算让某人做某事 be meant for 打算作……用;

  2.take place 发生;举行

  3.of all kinds 各种各样的

  4.starve to death饿死 be starved of 缺乏, starve for sth, starve to do,渴望

  5.plenty of 大量; 充足 satisfied with感到满意 to one’s satisfaction感到满意的是··· harm to sb.=be harmful to sb. 伤害某人 the shape of呈…的形状,以…的形式 memory of/ to the memory of sb.纪念某人

  10.dress up 穿上最好的衣服;打扮,化装

  11.award sth.(to sb.)和award sb.sth.(for sth.) 给予、颁奖 reward sb. for sth. 因 …奖赏某人;

  reward sb. with sth. 用某物酬劳某人

  12. admire sb. for sth在某方面钦佩某人

  13.look forward to期望,期待,盼望

  14,have fun with(与某人)玩得开心;过得快乐 ( have a good time, enjoy oneself.)

  15. turn up.来;出现;把(收音机等)音量开大些 turn down 拒绝; turn off 关掉; turn on 打开; turn out结果是......

  turn to sb. for help 向某人求助

  16.keep one’s word 守信用; break one’s word, 失信

  17.It be obvious that-clause 显而易见;一目了然

  18.set off 动身, 出发; 使(地雷、炸弹)爆炸; set in开始; set up建立,创立 ;

  set out to do = set about doing sth.着手做 set down 写下,记下

  19.remind sb. of sth. 提醒,使想起



  1.bring up 抚养,培养 take up 占据 grow up 长大

  2. scene,scenery,view,sight

  scene 用作可数名词,表示“一场”,还可指事物发生地点,景色,景象,布景, 场景


  sight 表示“视力,情景”

  3.permit do sth.

  permit doing sth. accident 偶然 by chance 发现,认出

  spot sb. doing sth. 看到某人正在做某事

  6.account for 对……做出解释

  on account of 由于,因为

  on no account 决不可以 for 寻找

  8.on the contrary 与此相反

  9.afford 提供,负担得起 be honest 说实话

  11.接不可数名词 : a large amount of ,a good/great deal of quit a little

  接可数名词:a large number of,a good many,many a

  既可接可数也可接不可数:a lot/lots of,a great/large quatities of,plenty of

  12.take a chance 冒险 rags 衣衫褴褛



  1. a weather forecast 天气预报 make forecast about 对…作出预测

  2. catch / get a glimpse of = catch a brief sight of 瞥见

  3. ensure = make sure of 保证

  4. keep / stay / get in touch with = keep in communication with 与…保持联系 be in touch with sb 与…保持联系be out of touch with sb = lose touch with sb 与…失去联系

  5. be crowded with 挤满 crowd into 涌入

  6. It remains to be proved 有待证明

  7. pay / give attention to attract / draw / invite one's attention to 吸引某人注意某物 fix one's attention on = focus on 注意力集中在… devote one's attention to …专心于… With a better understanding of …对….有更好的理解

  8. regular consumers 老主顾

  9. deal with = do with 处理

  10. cure sb of the disease 治疗某人的疾病 bring about a cure 使…痊愈 There is still no cure for the common cold

  11. keep sb at a distance 对…保持疏远 in the distance 在远处

  12. be well-prepared for = be ready for 为…做好准备

  13. in store 就要到来 / 准备着 / 储藏着

  14. old-fashioned 老式的 / 过时的 come into fashion 开始流行 go out of fashion 不在流行 follow the fashion 赶时髦

  15. come true = come into reality 成为现实 in reality = in fact = as a matter of fact 16. What happened to sb = What became of sb 某人发生了。 Something occurred to sb 某人突然想起某事

  17. in future = from now on 从今以后 in the future 在未来

  18. What is the weather like = How is the weather天气怎么样

  19. drive at full / top speed 以全速开车 put on speed 加速 at a price of 以…的价格 at a high speed高速

  20. in this way 采取这种方法 in the way 挡道 in a way 从某种意义上说 by the way 顺便提一下 on the / one's way 在途中 a way of doing sth = a way to do sth做某事的方法

  21. do business with sb 与…做生意 on business 出差 in business 做生意 get down to business 言归正传 It's none of your business = Mind your own business 不关你事

  22. make a search for = be in search of 寻找…

  23. combine… With把……和……结合 What fun it is to do sth for / in fun 开玩笑地 make fun of = laugh at取笑

  24. bring about = lead to = cause = result in = contribute to 导致

  25. be different from = differ from与……有区别 make a difference 与众不同 / 起作用 make no difference 没关系 be similar to 类似于 be the same as 与…一样

  26. It's certain that …

  27. appreciate the danger 意识到… appreciate one's help 感激.. appreciate one's friendship 重视… appreciate works of art 欣赏..

  28. instead of = rather than = in place of 而不是

  29. keep / bear sb company 陪伴某人 in the company of 在…的陪同下

  30. It looks like a good time for a change. 好像 feel like doing = would like to do 想要

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