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高二英语优秀作文:The Influence of Family


  写好一篇英语作文需要长期的学习地方积累。下面是51自学小编收集整理的高二英语优秀作文《The Influence of Family》以供大家学习。

  高二英语优秀作文:The Influence of Family

  In China, people treat the family as a very important union, families get together now and then, even the kids get married, they still treat their parents in the first place. So the family means so much to everyone, family has great influence on them. When the family gets on well, people can focus their mind to work, they don’t need to worry about other issues. It is reported that the people live in a harmonious environment are more easy to get succeed, which reflects the importance of the family. While people who live in a unharmonious family are easily distracted from work, because besides the work issues, they also have family annoyance. So the family is very important, we should keep in touch with family members often, even though we are busy, we should go home often, never let the work occupancies you.



  高二英语优秀作文:Chinese Social Communication

  When you ask a foreign what’s his impression about Chinese, he will say Chinese people are friendly and kind, but if you ask his impression about Chinese people when they are meeting in social occasion, he will answer you with the drink. It is a tradition for Chinese people that when they invite friends, they must prepare a lot of wine, the guests need to be drunk, because it means the hosts do a good job on treating their friends. Wine culture in China is very popular, it reflects on the business communication, too. When people need to deal with the business, they like to book a table in the hotel, and talk about the business work while they are having dinner. The inevitable thing is to drink, the boss like to watch the young employees to drink, when the boss is happy, the business is done. Chinese social communication is not in the best way, but there is no way to change.


  高二英语优秀作文:Majoritys Wisdom

  There is an old saying that two heads are better than one, which suggests that the majority’s collective wisdom always dwarfs that of the minority, let alone any individual. There are people who believe that for a society to cohere there must be a strong consensus as well as unity and discipline. Therefore we must not overemphasize the importance of critical thinking which is abound to result in confusion and quarrels.


  But I don’t agree with this. First, I have no respect for majority’s wisdom. I believe that most people do not usually use their heads, they are also lack of creativity, and therefore are ignorant and prejudiced and often become mobs and stampede easily. Second, anyone who has the creativity will have an important impact on our society. But their wisdom is usually different from the majority’s.


  In a word, everything has two sides. What’s more important is that to learn knowledge from different kinds of wisdom and to improve our ability.


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