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  1. It allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases, which had become part of the earth’s atmosphere, into the oceans and seas.

  2. They are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which prevents heat from escaping from the earth into space.

  3. Whether life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved.

  4. It is the second biggest country in the world and as you go eastward, you will see mountains, and pass by thousands of lakes, forests and wide rivers as well as cities.

  5. This city is at the top end of the Great Lakes, and it is a very busy port, although it is close to the centre of the country.

  6. Rather than take the plane all the way, they decided to fly from China to Vancouver and to take the train from west to east across Canada.

  7. The next morning the maple trees outside their windows were red and gold and orange, and there was frost on the ground---fall had arrived in Canada.

  8. There is more fresh water in Canada than in any other country in the world.

  9. This means going back to a place where we left the chimp family sleeping in a tree the night before.

  10. Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project.

  11. She has argued for them to be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements.

  12. I looked carefully at the text and realized that it was intended for women who lived in the countryside.

  13. It struck me like lightening how difficult it must have been for a woman to get a medical training so long ago when women’s education was always placed second to men’s.

  14. This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields.

  15. Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvest twice as large as before.

  16. Organic farming also refers to crops growing with natural rather chemical fertilizers.

  17. Organic farmers insist on changing crops every two or three years, for example, corn or wheat followed by peas or soybeans.

  18. But whatever they grow they make sure that what is left in the ground after harvesting becomes a natural fertilizer for the next year’s crop.

  19. This character was a social failure, but he was loved by all who watched the films for his determination in overcoming difficulties and being kind even when people were unkind to him.

  20. The film is set in California in the middle of the nineteenth century when gold was discovered and thousands of people rushed there in search of it.

  21. Some actors can astonish us with the deep feelings they can inspire in us for a character they are playing.

  22. Chaplin produced, directed, and wrote the movies he starred in.

  23. In he was given a special Oscar for his lifetime outstanding work.

  24. You do not want to disappoint your boss, and this is an exciting experience for you, so you stand watching and listening.

  25. Not all cultures greet each other in the same way, nor are they comfortable touching strangers or being too close or too far away.

  26. A smile is the universal facial expression—it is intended to put people at ease.

  27. If you stand with your arms across your body, you are always protecting yourself from being physically attacked.

  28. In general, it is better not to kiss somebody you don’t know as you may surprise them.

  29. The big companies that own theme parks expect to make a profit not just by the charges for admission, but also by selling souvenirs in their shops and advertising them on television.

  30. Theme parks have a certain idea--- a certain theme----that the whole park is based on.


  1. Parks provide people with a place to amuse themselves and to escape their busy lives for a while.

  2. Its purpose is to involve visitors in physical exercise and athletic competition.

  3. Disneyland is named after Walt Disney, the famous film maker.

  4. there are future parks, where people can go on imaginary trips to space and use advanced computer techniques to experience life in the future..

  5. John Snow was a well-known doctor in London- so famous indeed that he attended Queen Victoria to ease the birth of her babies.

  6. He became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera.

  7. It seemed that the water is to blame.

  8. In addition, he found two other deaths in another part of London that were linked to the Broad Street outbreak.

  9. To prevent this from happening again, John Snow suggested that the source of all water supplies be examined and new methods of dealing with polluted water be found.

  10. Only if you put the sun there did the movements of other plants in the sky make sense.


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