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  1. Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment, one I’ll always treasure 多年之后见到叔叔是一次难忘的时刻,一次我永远珍惜的时刻。

  2. He was a strict but good captain, one who, unusually, took good care of the sailors on his ship 他是一个既严厉又善良的船长,一个对船员非常好的船长。

  3. It is a world of wonders, a world where anything can happen


  4. Only in this way can we study English well 只有通过这种办法我们才能把英语学好。

  5. Not only does he sing well, but also he dances well 他不仅唱得好,而且跳得好。

  6. So precious is time that we can‘t afford to waste it 时间是如此珍贵,我们浪费不起它。

  7. Never before have I told a lie 我以前从未撒过谎。

  8. They have a good knowledge of English but little do they know about German


  9. So much homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest


  10. It was you who carried me on your back to a nearby hospital 是你把我背到附近医院。

  11. It was not until sunset that we left the park and went back home


  12. It is what you do rather than what you say that matters 重要的是你做什么,而不是你说什么。

  13. It was not until nearly a month later that I received the manager’s reply


  14. I just wonder what it is that makes him so excited 我只是纳闷什么使他如此兴奋。

  15. The survey shows that half of the girls choose film and TV stars as their idols, while % of the boys favour sports stars 调查表明,一半女生把电影电视明星作为偶像,而%的男生更喜欢体育明星。

  16. There are two opinions about it Forty percent of the students agree while sixty percent of them disagree 有两种观点,%的学生支持,% 的人反对。

  17. Some of us picked up the wastes while others put up boards saying “Keep off the grass”


  18. Study hard and you’ll make progress 如果你努力,那么就会进步。

  19. I was about to go out when the telephone rang 我正要出门突然电话响了。

  20. I was playing outside when it began to rain 我真在外边玩耍突然开始下雨。

  21. I had just put away the cellphone when the teacher came in 我刚刚把手机收好突然老师就进来了。

  22.Work hard and you‘ll make progress. 努力,那么你就会取得进步。

  23. Hurry up or you‘ll be late. 快点,否则你会迟到。

  24.To avoid checks by the police, the managers sometimes lock the doors and shut many people in the small room. 为了逃避警察的检查,一些经营者有时会把门锁上,把很多人关在小房间内。

  25.Taking exercise helps us build up our body and keep a clear mind.


  26.The purpose of the program is to make our school more beautiful.


  27.Reading does good to our mind.读书对心灵有益。

  28.Having done his homework, he began to watch TV. 做完作业,他开始看电视。

  29.Not knowing what to do, she asked Mother for help. 不知应该怎么办,她向妈妈求助。

  30.I think it important to stop pollution. 我认为制止污染很重要。


  1. . Workers built shelters for survivors whose homes had been destroyed; slowly, the city began to breathe again.

  2. Sun Yat-sen founded the first Republic in China in after many years’ fighting.

  3. It was in that he had opened a black law firm to advise poor black people on their problems.

  4. The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all.

  5. We were put in a position in which(where )we had either to accept we were less important, or fight the Government.

  6. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.

  7. Since I was better educated, I got a job working in an office.

  8. Everyone agreed that it was the best and biggest work of amber art ever made.

  9. Sadly, although the Amber Room was one of the great wonders of the world, it is now missing.

  10. A cultural relic is something that has survived for a long time, often a part of something old that has remained when the rest of it has been destroyed.


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