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  A. 听录音,选择你所听到的内容。(读一遍,每小题0.5分)

  ( )1.A.other B.mother C.over

  ( )2.A.learn B.listen C.little

  ( )3.A.field B.friend C.fridge

  ( )4.A.goal B.out C.snow

  ( )5.A.score C.coin

  ( )6.A.turn right B.try again C.well done

  ( )7.A.make noise B.make planes C.make kites

  ( )8.A.sing beautifully B.singing contest C.sports meeting

  ( )9.A.It’s on Oct. 1st. B.It’s on Sep. 2nd. C.It’s on Dec. 3rd.

  ( )10.A.How can I get there? B.How old is this boy?

  C.How far is it from here?



  P19图6 P25图e P40图2 P13图f P34图3

  ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

  P37图a P25图d P44图4 P4图4 P44 图3

  ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


  ( )1.A.I’ve got a cold. B.He’s got a goal. C.He’s in the sports hall.

  ( )2.A.She usually goes climbing. B.She’s writing an e-mail.

  C.She likes singing English songs.

  ( )3.A.It’s Thursday. B.It’s two all now. C.It’s half past two.

  ( )4.A.No,I’m not. B.I went to play football. C.I’m going to play football.

  ( )5.A.I feel hot. B.Yes,I do. C.I often go swimming.


  ( )1.A.He likes winter best. B.He likes spring best.

  C.He likes summer best.

  ( )2.A.They’re going to have a picnic. B.They’re going to see a play.

  C.They’re going to travel.

  ( )3.A.Jane. B.Bill. C.Bill and Jane.

  ( )4.A.By train. B.By taxi. C.By metro.

  ( )5.A.rainy. B.snowy. C.Sunny.


  There’s a football ________between the _________ Team and the

  ______Team.Now,the score is _________ goals to one.OK,back to it!

  Look! The No.5 has ________ the ball.He run ________ than the other

  boys.And nobody can _________ him.Oh,he’s ___________!But the goalkeeper

  _______the ball.Now he is ___________it to No.18.


  ( )1.A.China B.kick C.fine

  ( )2.A.sweater B.bread C.season

  ( )3.A.coat B.people C.boat

  ( )4.A.worm B.sports

  ( )5.A.yellow B.cow C.brown



  1.在邮局旁边_________ 6.Stop thief!____________

  2.在秋天____________ 7.animal show_________

  3.上车________________ 8.Time’s up. _____________

  4.看演出__________ 9.yesterday afternoon__________

  5.紧靠你的旁边____________ heavy as yours____________


  1.Jim is two years y________ than Ben.

  2.I often go to school on foot,but s___________ by bike.

  3.My bother likes singing,but I don’t.I like s_________.

  4.She can p_____ the book on her finger,but I can’t.

  5.I want to w_______ an e-mail.

  6.Mr Black comes from Egland.He is l_________ in Australia.


  1.( )My sister is ___________TV. C.watching

  2.( )Look,Wang Bing is stopping David.He’s _________David. front of B.behind C.between

  3.( )-----What is he doing? -----He________back to class.

  A.runing B.running running

  4.( )The children are singing and dancing in the ________..

  A.sports field hall

  5.( )I want _______.Can you come with me,please? go shopping go shop C.go to shop

  6.( )_________don’t you play basketball with you classmates?

  A.Where B.Why C.what

  7.( )I know a lot about football.Now I want to learn ______about it.

  A.many B.some C.more

  8.( )----May I put my pen on the desk?----_________..

  A.Yes,put it. B.Yes,put them here. C.Yes,please.

  9.( )Lucy is twelve.I’m as ________ as her.

  A.big B.old C.older

  10.( )We visit our relatives and eat a lot of delious food _________. Women’s Day Halloween Spring Festival



  a.You may ask that policeman.

  b.The middle school is on your left.

  c. Would you please tell me the way

  to No.3 Middle School?

  d. Is that a long walk?

  e. Thank you very much.

  A:Excuse me.



  B:Sorry,I don’t know._____2______

  A:Excuse me,sir?


  A:How can I get to No.3 Middle


  C:Go along this street,and then turn


  1 2 3 4 5


  C:No,it’s about 100 metres away.


  C: That’s all right.


  1.A:________ are you going to do this afternoon?

  B:We’re going to go _________ _________ outing with our _______.

  Would you ________ to join _________?

  A:Yes,_______ love to._________ are we going?

  B:To Feng Yun Ling.


  B:Shall ________ meet at the bus ________ ________1:30?


  2._________ comes before March.The weather _________ warm and the trees _______ green._______ comes in July.It’s usually very _______ in Nanjing.The days are ________ and the nights are short.We like going ________ in rivers and lakes.


  May is a ___(1)___ girl.She __(2)__ in China now.She __(3)__two bothers.They are Roy and John.They’re eleven.They’re in Qi’an Primary School.

  May ___(4)__ cooking.She can cook nice food and make nice cake.Sometimes she likes to make pretty dresses ___(5)___her doll.But her brothers __(6)__.They like climbing and collecting coins.They __(7)__ many different coins.It’s a happy ___(8)___.

  ( )1.A.America B.Japanese C.China

  ( ) C.lives

  ( )3.A.has B.have C.having

  ( )4.A.liking C.likes

  ( ) B.for

  ( )6.A.don’t B.doesn’t C.aren’t

  ( )7.A.has B.have C.having

  ( )8.A.home




  ----Excuse me,______ you tell me the ______ to the History Museum,please?

  ----Go along this street and then _______ _______ at the third crossing.It’s

  _______ your ________.


  This toy tiger is _______ sister’s.Please ________it _____her.


  _______ bag is _______, _______or yours?----________ is.


  ----_______ cartoon do you like ______?----I like .


  ----What are you ________ to do this _________?

  ----We’re ________ to ________ _________ in the singing contest.



  Dear Mr Zhang,

  Happy teachers’ Day! I’m studying in a primary school in Washington(华盛顿). I’m not good at English. My friend Jim is from England. He often helps me with my English.And I teach him Chinese.

  The students in my class are very interesting.Bill is English.David is Australian. He’s from Sydney. Nancy is American.She’s from New York. My teacher,Mr Smith is Canadian. She’s from Ottawa(渥太华).

  My good friends,Zhang Ling and Wu Qing are Chinese,too.They’re from Taiwan.We’re from many different countries,but we are friends.


  Liu Tao

  ( )1.Liu Tao is American.

  ( )2.Liu Tao often teaches Jim with his Chinese.

  ( )3.Bill and Nancy are from the same coutry.

  ( )4.Mrs Smith isn’t Chinese, she’s Japanese.

  ( )5.Now Liu Tao and his classmates are in Washington.


  The Lion and the Mouse

  Once a great lion was sleeping. A little mouse came and ran over his face. The lion awoke(醒来) and caught the little mouse in anger(生气), and was going to kill(吃掉) her. “ Oh, dear kind(善良) Lion!” Said the little mouse. “ Please forgive(放过) me. Let me go. I shall return(回报) your kindness.’’“ Ha, ha, ha,’’ laughed the lion. “ How can a little thing like you help a great lion?’’ “ Thank you very much, kind Lion! I hope I shall be able to do you a good return some day,’’ said the little mouse.

  Some day, the lion was caught in a trap. Just then the little mouse came along. At once she ran up to the lion, and said, “ You were very kind to me once(上次). Now I'll save(救) your life, and repay(回报) you the kindness.’’ Soon she gnawed the ropes of the trap with her sharp(锋利的) teeth, and the lion was happy to be free(自由) again. “ Thank you, little Mouse!’’ said the lion, and he walked away.

  ( )1.This lion was a ________ lion.

  A.bad B.kind C.small

  ( )2.This mouse _________this lion’s life.

  A.didn’t save B.saved C.killed

  ( )3.The mouse gnawed the ropes of the trap with ________

  A.her sharp teeth. B.her big mouth C.her strong legs

  ( )4.The lion was happy because ___________.

  A.he ate a mouse B.he was free again C.the mouse was so kind

  ( )5.What is the Chinese meaning of “trap”?

  A.绳索 B.猎枪 C.捕猎夹



  1.over 2.learn 3.fridge 4.out 5.score

  6.try again 7.make kites 8.singing contest 9.It’s on Dec. 3rd.

  10.How far is it from here?


  1.A:Whose hair is shorter than the nurse’s?

  B:The waiter’s hair is shorter than the nurse’s.The teacher’s hair is longer than nurse’s.

  2.A:I want to go to the train station,.How can I get there?

  B:Go along the street,and then turn left at the first crossing.The station is on your right.

  3.It’s raining,but Jim does not have an umbrella with him.He is waiting for his father at school.

  4.A:Get up,David.

  B:OK,Mum.What’s the weather like today?

  B:It’s sunny.

  5.A:My mother was in New York last month.

  B:Really?What’s the weather like in summer there?

  A:It’s as hot as in Nanjing.

  6.A:Hello,where are you going?

  B:I’m going to see a Beijing opera show.Do you like it?

  A:Yes,I do.

  B:Would you like to go with me?

  A:Yes,I’d love to.

  7.A:Excuse me,Mr Li.Can I have some glue?

  B:What for?

  A:I want to put this picture on the wall in the classroom.

  B:OK.Here you are.

  8.A:Can I have a brush?

  B:What for?

  A:I want to paint this boat.

  B:OK.Here you are.

  9.A:Get up!It’s 7:50 now.You’ll be late for school.When did you go to

  bed last night?

  B:At half past nine.

  A:Your sisiter went to bed later than you ,but she got up earlier than you.

  10.A:Hello,David.What day is it today?

  B:It’s Saturday.I’m going cycling with my classmates.Would you like to join us?

  A:Yes,I’d love to.


  1.What’s wrong with you?

  2.What does your sister usually do on Sundays?

  3.What’s the score now?

  4.What did you do yesterday?

  5.How do you feel now?


  1.A:Which season do you like best,Jim?

  B:I like summer best.


  B:Because it’s hot.I can go swimming.

  Q:Which season does Jim like best?

  2.A:Hello.Is that Liu Tao?


  A:This is Mike.I’m going to see a play this afternoon.Would you like to come?

  B:Sure.I’ll go with you.

  Q:What are Liu Tao and Mike going to do?

  3.A:Look,they’re running!

  B:Yes,Jane runs faster than Bob.

  A:But Bill runs faster than Jane.

  Q:Who runs faster than Bob?

  4.A:How far is the shopping centre from our school?

  B:About two kilometres.

  A:That’s a long walk.Shall we get there by taxi?

  B:No,the traffic is heavy now.Let’s go by metro.

  Q:How can we get to the shopping centre faster?

  5.A:Shall we go to Suzhou this spring?

  B:Wow,that’s great!Does it often rain spring there?

  A:Yes,it always rains.

  Q:Wht’s the weather like in spring in Suzhou?


  There’s a football match between the Red Team and the Blue Team.Now,the score is three goals to one.OK,back to it!

  Look! The No.5 has got the ball.He run faster than the other boys.And nobody can stop him.Oh,he’s shooting !But the goalkeeper catches the ball.Now he is passing it to No.18.


  A.1-5 C,A,C,B,A,6-10 B,C,B,C,C

  B.1-5 3,5,8,2,6 6-10 7,4,9,1,10

  C. A,C,B,B,A

  D. C,B,C,C,A

  E. match,Red,Blue,three,got,faster,stop,shooting,catches,passing

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